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Pierre Vallet XXO 40% 700 ml

Pierre Vallet XXO is an exceptional blend from the house of Pierre Vallet. The taste features vanilla aromas, as well as plum, licorice or candied apricot.

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Pierre Vallet XXO Hors d'Age Cognac is a unique blend from the Maison Pierre Vallet, a family-run cognac house that has contributed to the development of the newest age denomination in the world of cognac and has created its own Hors d'Age extra eau-de- vie.

The tasting notes include aroma of vanilla, prune, liquorice and candied apricot, making it a very elegant blend with a predominant “rancio”. On the palate, very soft and delicate, a lot of finesse and great length typical of very old cognacs - A very nice balance! Due to its age and unique taste, this cognac is recommended to be consumed plain, at room temperature (20 °C).

This cognac is aged for at least 14 years in French Oak Barrels (minimum age according to regulations), although most of the blends used are much older and the average age of Pierre Vallet XXO cognac is 30 years.

The fermentation process takes place at a maximum temperature of 27 ° C to preserve all the aroma. The distillation itself takes place very slowly with a lot of lees, thanks to which the roundness of the cognac develops along with its concentrated floral character.

Pierre Vallet XXO won 4 medals at the World Cognac Awards 2021 competition. One of them is a silver medal awarded in the cognac quality category. The remaining medals were awarded for the design of the Decanter bottle.

Grape varieties: mainly ugni-blanc

Cultivation: sustainable cultivation process, Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne regions

Aging: initially 10-12 months in multi-year-old French oak barrels (known as roux), followed by several years in very old (up to 50 years old) oak barrels

Filtration: very fine filtration to preserve maximum flavors and aromas

Pierre Vallet
700 ml


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